How we raise funds to support our philanthropic programs.

Thrift Shop: This is our largest fundraiser. Member Volunteers staff the Thrift Shop.

Annual Fundraiser: An In-Person Boutique filled with beautifully decorated holiday trees, décor, experiences and much more is held in November.

Direct Mailings: These are sent out twice a year; in the Spring and in the Fall. These mailings simply ask supporters on our fundraising data base to send money to help support our fundraising efforts.

Grants: We have a grant-writing committee who requests monies from foundation grants, corporate sponsors and community donors.

We partner with the following organizations to help us improve the lives of children and adults in our communities: Fostering New Beginnings partners with Aspiranet, Stater Brothers, and Chaffey College. The Edelstein Foundation supports the Fostering New Beginnings program with a generous grant. Kohl’s at the Colonies is our partner for Operation School Bell®.